360° by Superla

Superla offers its' clients an immersive 360 experience for use on Youtube, Facebook, VY headsets and built in applications. We build animated 3D worlds and shoot live 360 films for your audience to experience a virtual reality (VR) environment. Our films are shot in 4k to give a full HD field of view when converted to 360. 

The big platforms' (YouTube, facebook etc) adoption of 360 along with Millennials desire for more immersive and engaging content has opened this up as a viable channel to explore. 

360 story telling has to be thought of in a completely different way to traditional video; we have to give the audience a sense of place while guiding them through scenes. So at Superla we have been learning from game designers to find out how they make things compelling to look at and explore - what's around you is now just as important as whats in front of you! 
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YouTube Beach - Cannes 2016

Flo Rida 360 - OMG Party Cannes 2016

Gledhow Valley Woods